I just submit my complaint last night , but by mistake I give u guys wrong emal , my email would be Kaur.82@mail.com, I gave u gmail.com . I had really bad experience there yesterday .

I saw employee don't use gloves by dealing with cold food . Like this white blond girl putting cheese on pizza with no gloves I mean cold food and raw dairy product , shocking . Then this man , employee don't know working right next to her no gloves . He was tall hot tatooes on his whole arm , no gloves .

They are working in open kitchen nobody is afraid is doing that . When I address this to other employee , he does not seems to surprise like its everyday thing . Well I got up and left , I could not watch them working with raw food with no gloves on .

This place was one of my fav place but sorry never going there again . This was my second complaint , if you guys need more details read my other complaint , I wrote everything that what happen there .

Review about: Round Table Pizza Pizza.

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Burbank, California, United States #913685

I tell you what dushbag complainer. Every person who is making your fat *** pizza don't wear gloves.

You that all they do. they stay in kitchen and make pizzas


Apparently you aren't aware of the fact that by the time all that food is cooked in the pizza ovens any germs that might be on the food items have been killed. You should try wearing latex/rubber gloves and try handling shredded cheese.

The cheese would be sticking to the gloves. It's your choice, but I bet any place that makes pizza doesn't use gloves.

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