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We order your new pepper pizza Afew weeks ago and it was great today we ordered it and it wasn't even like the first one not good at all from the San Leandro bayfare round table tell me does this look like the commercial or pizza that u advertise

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My friend ordered a pizza from your store on 1st Street in San Jose he ordered a large half pepperoni and olives pizza whan my friend received the pizza she tipped the driver and went to have a piece only to find that half was only olives and the other half was only pepperoni. She called Wendy at your first street location to ask what happened why she had only olives on half and only pepperoni on the other she rudely tells me she remembered the order because she personally took it I said great.

She then goes to inform me that it wasn't a mistake that it was exaclty what he ordered I replied no that her interpretation of half and half were different and so it was not her fault And next time I shouldn't take the order because I am incompetent and my friend should order for me from here on out . my friend said so are u saying that you are not going to fix the pizza due to a MIS communication and Wendy said it wasn't her mistake and she wasn't fixing anything. I asked to speak to supervisor she is supervisor. I asked to speak with managed she is manager I asked if anyone else there I could talked to she said no I said how about owner she said she didn't have a number for them I did who would she call in a crisis she said noone then she hung up on me .I called back to get her name she said something I couldn't understand.

I had to ask her three times to repeat it then to spell it and then she said there was no employee ID you guys will know who I was talking about with just her first name then has the nerve to tell me to have a nice day after she just hung up on me and said we were incompetent. Please help make this right I did pay 34.00 for large olive and pepperoni I mean how expensive is olives and pepperoni now adays tara


We ordered one today from the Hayward Round Table and it had even less toppings than yours! Less than 1 piece of pepperoni per slice, hardly any peppers, looked like a cheese pizza! Round Table: Your TV commercial is false advertising!

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